“Invest in a partnership that is credible, competitive and profitable. Take part in our efforts to achieve continued disruptive innovative excellence”

Active in the global Internet technologies market since 1997 we aim for continuous innovation and development opportunities. When we say technology we don’t just mean the software but also the human and commercial components, which are an integral part of the overall system of the Internet.

We have defined business objectives that focus on the discovery, the development and the marketing of innovative products and solutions, as well as the offer of integrated services.

Partnering is a key pillar to our growth

Partnering is an important part of our business strategy and the achievement of our goals. Through partnering we strengthen our core business and our position in the global market.

Do you see an opportunity to collaborate with us?

Our mission is to enable investors to quickly and successfully achieve their business projects in technology related products and services. We support and promote sector specialization, cluster competitiveness and identify measures to streamline business and raise the level of competitiveness.

We seek to exploit for common benefit investment opportunities with partners that share the same vision. We offer excellent business opportunities in the following industry sectors.

– Internet technologies and services
– Mobile technologies and services
– E-commerce solutions and products
– Interactive TV and digital signage technologies and services
– Domain names trading

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